Is It Time To Expand Your Team To Mexico?

As an IT manager, you are faced with a number of significant challenges. One of these is to use your IT manager skills to get the most productive work out of your team given the budget that has been provided to you. There are a lot of different ways to go about doing this; however, there is one that you may not have thought of. It’s a relatively new concept: nearshoring. How would you feel with having a part of your IT team located in Mexico?Why Mexico?In the world of IT, when you wanted to grow your team cheaply, our IT manager training told us that the answer always used to be “go to India”. Or more lately, “go to China”. Sadly, as with all “one size fits all” answers, what used to work no longer seems to do the trick. What has happened is that the value of the Chinese yuan is rising and competition for skilled Indian IT workers is heating up resulting in a labor shortage. It sure seems like it is time to go looking for another solution.For U.S. based IT managers; it turns out that the answer to how you can grow your IT team without breaking the bank may be closer than you would think: Mexico. The biggest advantage that Mexico brings to the table is that it is so very close to the U.S. In a pinch, an IT manager can always hop on a plane and a few hours later be meeting with his or her team to do some IT team building in Mexico. The same can’t be said for IT teams in India or China.

Mexico has a couple of other advantages going for it. The first of these is that way back in 1994, the U.S. and Mexico signed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) . What this means for you is that goods and services imported from Mexico can enter the U.S. duty free – one less hassle for you to have to worry about. Another advantage of basing part of your IT team in Mexico is that Mexico has a strong reputation for protecting intellectual property. In the world of IT this is a critical feature that India and China can’t always match.Four Issues About Mexico To Be Aware OfAll of that being said, basing part of your IT team in Mexico is not like placing that team somewhere remotely in the U.S. There are going to be differences. As an IT manager you are going to have to be aware of these differences and you are going to have to adjust your management style to deal with it. Here are four issues that you’ll need to address:

Mexico Is Not Cheap: Now, it’s also not as expensive as doing business in the U.S. However, your IT budget is not going to go as far in Mexico as it does in, say, China. You should expect to pay roughly 40% more for your IT staff in Mexico than you would for the same staff in China.

Take Your Time: The one thing that you don’t want to do is to just show up in Mexico and set up a big IT team. Take your time and do this slowly. Start with a couple of team members and then grow the team over time. This will give your team time to get used to working with the Mexico team and vice versa.

Security Is Important: Mexico is not the U.S. There are still some major physical security issues associated with doing business in Mexico, especially depending on where your team will be located (there are more problems up North). Plan on paying for security guards to keep your Mexico offices and staff safe and secure.

Local Holidays Count: It can be too easy to start to treat Mexico like an extension of the U.S. Don’t do this. Mexico has its own culture and that is different from the U.S. culture. A good example of this is that Mother’s Day is a big deal in Mexico: make sure that you give employees that day off and try to do something special for their mothers.

What All Of This Means For YouIT managers always have limited budgets with which to work. What this means is that they are always on the lookout for ways to make their limited budgets go farther. One new way to make this happen is called nearshoring and it involves having part of their team be in Mexico.Mexico offers U.S. based IT managers with some unique opportunities. It’s located close to the U.S. and can be easily reached. The North American Free Trade Agreement allows good and services to be exchanged with no import duty. IT managers do need to be aware of a few things. Costs may be similar to the U.S., building a team in Mexico should be done slowly, physical security matters, and you need to respect the local culture.In this business, opportunities to get more done with the same amount of money come along far too rarely. Reaching out to Mexico to build part of your team is an idea that every IT manager needs to consider. There are, of course, a number of issues that you need to be aware of. However, in order to build a better team, this is yet one another option that may allow you stretch your IT budget further..

Don’t Use Broken Fuel Gauge: Accurate Measures Are Essential For Success

Some managers I’ve met share an important characteristic with a car my sons used to drive… the car’s fuel gauge was broken.So, my sons really had no accurate way to measure how much gas was in the tank. And some managers are like that. They have no way to measure some pretty important quantities.When discussing goals for a coaching or a consulting project, I always ask, “How will we measure progress? How will we know we’ve achieved the goal?”What I’m really saying is, “Let’s put this in more concrete terms, in terms we can measure.” Even terms that initially sound vague can be measured. Let’s look at Trust and Purpose.Trust: A couple years ago, I was talking to the CEO of a company with several hundred employees. He agreed that trust is important in building a successful organization, and proudly told me that the trust level in his company was quite high.

I asked how he knew that the trust level was high. He thought for a moment, then said, “Well, I just know. By watching people interact I can tell that they trust me, that they trust each other.” He stopped, thought again, and then said, “Other than that, I guess I really don’t know.”And he’s right, he doesn’t really know, because he wasn’t measuring it. He has a broken fuel gauge.A few years ago Cornell University did a study of the hotel industry, and through surveys and interviews measured trust levels at individual hotels. This was concrete evidence, as opposed to anecdotal assumptions. Trust can be measured.Purpose: Another example is alignment with the organization’s purpose. People are always saying that everyone in the organization, (or the team, or the division) shares an understanding of the overall purpose of the organization.And yet they haven’t really measured this “shared understanding” of the purpose. On a team, the best way to measure it is to ask the team members. Have them individually and privately write down the purpose, and then compare the responses.You’ll be surprised how often, even with top leadership of the company, at least several members of the team are way off.Once I was visiting a Vice President of Operations, and her new assistant. When the topic of the company’s mission came up, the assistant asked, “What is the mission?”The VP squinted across the room at a plaque, and said, “I know it’s on the wall over there, but I can’t read it from here.” If she didn’t know it, how could the rest of her department know it? This company probably had no idea how aligned people were with the mission or purpose.

In a small organization, say 15 or 20 employees, the anecdotal evidence will usually suffice. The owner talks enough about the purpose, and people get it, and it shows. But as the organization grows, you need more sophisticated ways of measuring: Interviews, focus groups, surveys.Somehow, you have to measure these things. Otherwise, when you try to put a number on the trust level, or alignment with purpose, you’re just guessing. It’s like my sons trying to figure out how much gas was in the tank. They really didn’t know.Surveys are effective tools for measuring the elements that are critical to your organization’s success. The important point is not which tool you use, but that you use some measurement tool. Something better than a broken gas gauge.What measurable outcomes have you identified? What tools are you using to measure them?Keep leading the way!

Stupendous Civil Engineering Work By Civil Engineers

This article is about the technology and science expertise civil engineering works. Here you can come to know about the excellent track record of civil engineering service on its various projects. The highly experienced and proficient civil construction services providers can provide extensive service on all civil construction sectors including land surveying, land use planning, commercial, structural, and residential design.The efficient architects have its own thumb print in the genre of engineering skill. Land Construction being a professional engineering discipline deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of any construction project. The efficient civil engineers are highly capable of executing all kind of project with great proficiency. It is having a wide range of service area which includes medical center, utility design, church design, and many more. Incredible construction service provider stand unique with its unbeatable credibility and reputation for providing professional services to both their commercial and residential clients. It is due to the great efficiency of the them that they take up government projects like roads, bridges, dams and etc with great ease and complete it with flawless success.

This field of constructors or architects is well supported with highly qualified and experienced professionals of civil engineering. Being professional and reliable they are now extensively providing service all over this place. They are serving for both residential and commercial requirements. The trained professionals can perform the work with complete efficiency and knowledge.Civil engineering is a vast canvas which also includes services like, land surveying, land use planning, commercial, structural, and residential design with great excellence. Site accessibility design comes under the category of land use planning.Main domain of civil engineering:• Creative project funding
• Budget report
• Document control system
• Site accessibility programThe professionals in this field are reliable regarding the budget report, which may assist the architect in the development of design. They are highly efficient in providing cost efficient budgets to their clients. It is their dedication towards their client that is truly appreciable for the structural development. By providing best quality raw material, labor and other service the civil construction firms can offer the best civil construction service for both private and public sector.

The proficient civil engineers are absolutely commendable regarding their commitments and quality service to maintain their high standard in this genre. Being knowledgeable and thus can assure you an easy consultation regarding construction service for commercial, structural, and residential design and other services.